Table 1.

Effects of whisker lesions of row C on TCA clustering in the cortex

Age at lesion Genotype Class I Class II Class III
P0-P1 C3H (n = 9) 89% 11% 0%
MA0A-K0 (n = 8) 88% 13% 0%
P2-P3 C3H (n = 13) 46% 23% 31%
MA0A-K0 (n = 14) 31% 46% 23%
P4-P5 C3H (n = 19) 0% 0% 100%
MA0A-K0 (n = 13) 0% 0% 100%
  • Mice of the C3H and MA0A-K0 genotypes were lesioned at P0-P1, P2-P3, or P4-P5. The effects on barrel emergence were evaluated with 5-HTT or C0 staining at P9, P10, or P12. For each experimental group, cases were classified according to the degree of barrel segregation into three classes. Class I cases have a complete fusion of row C, class II cases have a partial fusion of row C, and class III cases have distinct barrel patterns in row C. Percentages of cases belonging to each class are provided for each experimental group.