Table 1.

Lethality of csp null mutants

Genotype Viability at 18°C Viability at 25°C
cspR1 100% <1%
elav-CSP2; cspRI 100% 62%
elav-ΔJ; cspRI 11% N.D.
elav-ΔL; cspRI 6% N.D.
elav-CSP2; +/+ N.D. 70%
elav-ΔJ; +/+ N.D. 105%
elav-ΔL; +/+ N.D. 98%
  • Files containing a homozygous UAS-CSP transgene or elav-Ga14 transgene in a heterozygous cspR1 null mutant or csp + wild-type background were crossed to each other. At least 400 progeny were scored for the ratio of observed to expected flies. N.D., Not determined.