Table 1.

Quantitative description of the temporal profiles shown in Figure 3A

Surround contrast
Direction of influenceSame direction suppressionSame direction suppressionSame direction suppressionSame direction suppression
Strength of influence0.547 (9.4 σ)0.554 (10.4 σ)0.567 (12.9 σ)0.528 (5.4 σ)
Peak time (ms)8.2 (0)3.1 (−5)−2.0 (−10)−27.0 (−35)
Start time (ms)−9.1 (0)−30.8 (−22)−69.6 (−62)−46.9 (−38)
Duration of influence (ms)418012371
  • The measures presented are defined in Materials and Methods. The strength of influence is also expressed in terms of SDs away from 0.5 (in parentheses). The peak time and start time are also shown as relative to 92% surround contrast estimates (in parentheses). To obtain a more precise estimate of peak and start times, we calculated a weighted average of data within ±10 ms of the temporal point at which the surround influence was strongest, or, for the start point calculation, the point at which the significant influence was first observed.