Table 2.

Hair-bundle enrichment of PMCA2 splice forms

IsoformBundle/basolateral membrane fluorescence (mean ± SEM)Number of cells analyzedSignificance relative to PMCA2w/a
C8-PMCA2w/a31 ± 627
C8-PMCA2z/a0.26 ± 0.0880.01
C8-PMCA2w/b9 ± 230.19
C8-PMCA2w-AAA/a14 ± 640.37
GFP-PMCA2w/a3.0 ± 0.6160.001
  • The fluorescence intensity of hair bundles and the basolateral membrane of transfected hair cells was compared with the intensity in nearby, untransfected cells. There were no statistically significant differences between auditory and vestibular hair cells. Conditions were compared statistically using the two-tailed t test, assuming equal variance.