Table 1.

ERG amplitudes (μV) in wild-type and mutant mice (means ± SE)

Wild typeVlgr1/del7TM
6 month animals
Rod (−0.6 log scot td-s)2552425115
Mixed rod-cone (1.8 log scot td-s)3001930427
Light-adapted cone (1.4 log photopic td-s)10441298
Rod a-wave (RmP3)−22312−25518
12–15 month animals
Rod (−0.6 log scot td-s)2173015918
Mixed rod-cone (1.8 log scot td-s)2633417113
Light-adapted cone (1.4 log ph td-s)*102197512
Rod a-wave (RmP3)−20425−17814
  • *p < 0.05, significant interaction of mutation and age.