Table 1.

Statistical results for duration of MapMIR and MapOBT in sitting and supine positions (experiment 2)

Body positionSubject of analysisEffectF(1,9)p
SittingDuration MapMIRTask (MIR vs OBT)5.50.04
Orientation (back vs front)0.370.56
Interaction (task × orientation)12.8<0.01
Duration MapOBTTask (MIR vs OBT)7.50.02
Orientation (back vs front)0.60.48
Interaction (task × orientation)5.70.04
SupineDuration MapMIRTask (MIR vs OBT)0.070.81
Orientation (back vs front)0.060.81
Interaction (task × orientation)8.50.01
Duration MapOBTTask (MIR vs OBT)5.60.04
Orientation (back vs front)1.10.32
Interaction (task × orientation)7.60.02