Table 1.

Total CRF immunoreactivity in the CeA and lateral BNST

Total density, CeATotal density, lateral BNST
Nondependent294.9 ± 9.4251.5 ± 10.1
Ethanol dependent247.6 ± 7.1*230.7 ± 4.6
  • Ethanol dependence was induced by intermittent exposure to ethanol vapors for 4 weeks, and animals were killed after 2 h of withdrawal. Brains were removed, and CRF expression was measured in the CeA and lateral BNST using immunohistochemical techniques. The data are expressed as the relative density of CRF immunoreactivity (n = 3 animals) and represent the total CRF immunoreactivity within all five bregma sections of each brain area. There was a significant decrease of total CRF immunoreactivity in the CeA of ethanol-dependent animals relative to control.

  • *p < 0.01 compared with nondependent animals.