Table 1.

Quantitative analysis of α -synuclein and synaptophysin transport

DirectionNumber of moving particlesFrequency of movement (#/s)Average velocity (μm/s)Estimated % of moving objects
α-SynucleinAnterograde811/1201.18 ± 0.087.6
Retrograde621/1570.99 ± 0.093.5
SynaptophysinAnterograde561/101.40 ± 0.0732.6
Retrograde221/261.16 ± 0.0813.3
  • Quantitative analysis of mRFP::α -SYN and SYP::GFP particles are shown. All data are derived from kymograph analysis, and synaptophysin movements were analyzed as described in Materials and Methods. Average velocities (when moving) are expressed as mean ± SEM. The proportion of moving objects was estimated as described in Materials and Methods.