Table 1.

Clinical, genetic, and cognitive characteristics of subjects

Clinical characteristic or cognitive testaSporadic ADb mean (SD)Controlsb mean (SD)Subject code
CY-Cc (35)CY1c (35)CY2c (37)CY3c (38)CY4c (42)dCY5c (45)dAP-Ce (47)AP1e (35)AP2e (43)AP3d (45)AP4e (46)AP5e (49)
Clinical diagnosisNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalNormalMCIMCIADMCIAD
ApoE genotype3/43/33/43/42/32/32/32/32/32/32/33/3
MMSE21.7 (3.7)28.4 (1.5)292927283029282227212516
CERAD EPSf00042406
CERAD WLL delayed recall (max of 10)0.6 (1.2)8.1 (1.7)77891055320
Digit span forward6.3 (1.2)6.8 (1.3)689774867666
Digit span backward3.4 (1.4)5.3 (1.1)578576745443
Trail Making Test A (s)80.7 (65.3)32.0 (8.8)251018202427192843382778
Trail Making Test B (s)235.3 (64.5)75.2 (34.3)322437505257597111830073300
Letter fluency (FAS total)31.5 (12.7)47.3 (17.0)58654561403331222674316
Category fluency (animals)11.8 (5.7)20.3 (4.9)273028182220231515141813
Boston Naming Test (Saxton 30-item version)23.3 (4.6)28.6 (2.6)272928293028262126162614
Modified Rey-Osterrieth Figure copy (max of 24)17.4 (5.6)21.9 (1.1)2124202220231715.5238.5
FCSRT free recall (max of 48)7.4 (5.6)h32.8 (6.6)i3731
Benton VFDT (max of 32)17.5 (9.3)h30.3 (2.9)i3026
  • aSee Materials and Methods for abbreviations and descriptions. Bold values are abnormal, i.e., more than 1.5 SDs away from the control norm.

  • bThe means listed are from the 12 AD and 18 control patients who participated in this study in Pittsburgh except when indicated.

  • cC410Y mutation kindred (Campion et al., 1995; Sherrington et al., 1995). CY-C indicates the noncarrier cousin control subject. Ages are shown in parentheses.

  • dSubjects studied at MGH.

  • eA426P mutation kindred (Poorkaj et al., 1998). AP-C indicates the noncarrier sibling control subject. Ages are shown in parentheses.

  • fExtrapyramidal symptom total score according to the Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease (Morris et al., 1989).

  • gTotal score from the Unified Parkinson's disease rating scale (Fahn and Elton, 1987).

  • hHistorical mean (SD) from AD patients studied at MGH (n = 20; mean age, 69.7 ± 11.0).

  • iHistorical mean (SD) from control subjects studied at MGH (n = 55; mean age, 71.3 ± 8.7).