Table 1.

Influence of recording conditions on MUA-based prediction accuracy

ParameterMedian95% rangeSample sizeCCap value (t test)
Electrode depth0.58 mm0–4 mm4710.0440.17
Electrode impedance0.9 MΩ0.35–1.8 MΩ4710.130.003
Electrodes per session124–16410.390.008
Within-region separationb0.81 mm0.35–1.1 mm82−0.0040.49
Inter-region separationc8.02 mm2.6–14.1 mm41−0.450.002
  • aCCs were computed between each parameter and the overall prediction accuracy.

  • bFor each session, prediction accuracies and mean pairwise interelectrode distances were computed separately for MUAs recorded by each guide tube, aimed toward PMd and PMv (see Materials and Methods).

  • cFor each session, distances were computed between the centers of each of the two sampled regions.