Table 1.

Identification and characterization of in vivo recorded nonpyramidal projection neurons

Cell no. and typeSomaDendritesHippocampalaxonExtrahippocampal targetsImmunocytochemical test
Retrohippo-campal areaSeptumPVCBCRSOMNPYCCKVIPNOSM2RmGluR 1αmGluR 8a inputmGluR 7a input
T87c double-projectionCA1soCA1soCA1so, sp, sr+, b.s.a+++n.t.++
C25a double-projectionCA1soCA1soCA1so, sp, sr+++++n.t.n.t.+
D150 double-projectionbCA1soCA1soCA1so, sp, sr+c+cn.t.n.t.n.t.+n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.
P13c double-projectionCA1soCA1soCA1so, sp, sr+++++n.t.+
T80a oriens-retrohippocampalCA1soCA1soCA1so, sp, sr+, b.s.n.t.+n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.+
K98c oriens-retrohippocampalCA1soCA1soCA1so, sp, sr++n.t.+n.t.n.t.n.t.
T85a oriens-retrohippocampaldCA1soCA1soCA1so, sp, sr+n.t.n.t.n.t.+++
T74b radiatum-retrohippocampalCA1srCA1sr/ slmCA1sr, slm+, b.s.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.
T100c radiatum-retrohippocampalCA1sr/slmCA1sr/slmCA1sr, slmb.s.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.n.t.
C11c double-projectionCA3spCA3so, sp, srCA1sp, sr CA3so,sp, sr++n.t.++n.t.n.t.+n.t.
  • b.s., Beyond subiculum (the axon projects to cortex beyond the subiculum); n.t., not tested (the reaction was either not performed, or the reaction did not lead to conclusion); mGluR7a, mGluR8a input, these presynaptic receptors are present at high level in the boutons innervating the cell; +, positive; −, not detectable.

  • aThe axon was running through the subiculum, but no boutons were found.

  • bD150 was intracellularly recorded with a sharp electrode; the other cells were extracellularly recorded and juxtacellularly labeled.

  • cMain axon branches were heading towards the septum and subiculum but were lost before their termination could be reached.

  • dT85a has been reported as a trilaminar cell in a previous study (Ferraguti et al., 2005) and included here for comparison.