Table 1.

CBD treatment of 139A scrapie strain-infected Tga20 mice

TreatmentMice (scrapie sick/total)Mean incubation time to illness (days ± SD)Delay (days)Significance p value (Mann–Whitney test)Mean incubation time to death (days ± SD)Delay (days)Significance p value (Mann–Whitney test)
Vehicle only10/1085.3 ± 2.7NANA88.6 ± 1.7NANA
CBD (60 mg/kg) starting at 0 dpi9/991.0 ± ±
CBD (60 mg/kg) starting at 30 dpi10/1087.0 ± 2.21.7NS90.2 ± 2.51.6NS
  • NA, Not applicable; NS, not significant.