Table 2.

Anatomical landmarks used for registration to the E146 surface

LandmarkE90 to E146aE125 to E146Macaque to E146
Dorsal medial wallX
Ventral medial wallX
Principal sulcusX
Arcuate sulcusXX
Central sulcusXX
Sylvian fissureXXX
Intraparietal sulcusXX
Superior temporal sulcusXXX
Lunate sulcusXXX
Cingulate sulcusXX
Calcarine sulcusXXX
Inferior occipital sulcusX
Occipitotemporal sulcusXX
Frontal convexityX
  • aSulci have not yet formed in the E90 brain. Landmarks were defined along the fundi of the presulcal grooves (Fig. 7).