Table 1.

The different orders of trajectories are given with the corresponding cortical regions and the underlying cortical type

TrajectoryRegionCortical type
L entorhinal/perirhinalTransition cortex
Subgenual cingulateTransition cortex
Posterior orbitofrontalTransition cortex
Frontal operculumTransition cortex
Anterior insulaTransition cortex
Medial occipitotemporalHomotypical isocortex
QuadraticAnterior cingulate (ventral supracallosal part)Transition cortex
Posterior orbitofrontalTransition cortex
R entorhinal/perirhinalTransition cortex
R parahippocampalHomotypical isocortex
R anterior superior temporalHomotypical isocortex
L temporal polarHomotypical isocortex
Body of insulaHomotypical and dysgranular isocortex
CubicLateral orbitofrontalHomotypical isocortex
Medial and lateral frontal poleHomotypical isocortex
Lateral prefrontal (superior, middle, and inferior gyri)Homotypical isocortex
Anterior cingulate (dorsal supracallosal part)Agranular isocortex
Precentral motorAgranular isocortex
SomatosensoryGranular isocortex
Posterior parietalHomotypical isocortex
Posterior insularHomotypical isocortex
AuditoryGranular isocortex
Lateral temporal cortexHomotypical isocortex
Polar occipitalGranular isocortex
Lateral occipital (superior, middle, and inferior gyri)Homotypical isocortex
  • Homotypical isocortex corresponds to the six layer prototype described by Brodmann; the granular cortex is similar to the homotypical isocortex, but has a thick and sometimes complex internal granular layer (layer 4); the agranular isocortex develops in the six-layer pattern of homotypical isocortex, but the cells composing layer 4 disperse during development; dysgranular isocortex has a thin, but discernable layer 4 and in that sense in intermediate between agranular isocortex and homotypical isocortex (but it is not, however, intermediate between isocortex and allocortex); allocortex, the three-layer cortex typified in mammalian brains by the hippocampus and piriform area; transition cortex, cortical areas, typically limbic, with a laminar organization intermediate between allocortex and isocortex. L, Left; R, right.