Table 2.

Apical dendrite orientation

GenotypeTreatmentn sections/neurons% abnormal orientation
ControlNone6/3044.2 ± 3.0
ControlRapamycin6/2729.9 ± 2.5
MutantNone6/29338.8 ± 3.5
MutantRapamycin4/19943.5 ± 8.7
  • Mean ± SD are shown for the percentage of SMI311+ neurons in somatosensory cortex that have abnormal orientation (>15° angle of apical dendrite compared with a vertical line to the pia). Each control group is significantly different at p < 0.001 from each mutant group (one-way ANOVA with Tukey's correction). Neither the two control groups nor the two mutant groups are statistically significantly different from each other. Genotypes were all Tsc1c SynICre+ for the untreated mutant group; all Tsc1cc SynICre+ for the rapamycin-treated mutants; and Tsc1c+ SynICre+ for all control mice.