Table 1.

Areas showing activity in the contrast of the parametric regressor for GV

RegionSideBAMNI coordinatesPeak Z
Inferior occipital gyrusR1833−81−95.41
Middle frontal gyrus, orbital sulcusR11/473027−125.18
Middle frontal gyrus, orbital sulcusL11/47−2430−184.8
Medial frontal gyrus, medial OFCB11/25−127−184.25
Anterior cingulated cortexB24/3213964.16
Inferior frontal gyrusR455124213.93
Inferior frontal gyrusR45453393.92
Medial orbital gyrusR28/47219−213.7
Parahippocampal gyrusR2721−30−33.69
Medial frontal gyrusR1065103.61
  • Height threshold, T = 4.09, false discovery rate corrected p < 0.01; extent threshold, k = 5 voxels. L, Left; R, right.