Table 1.

Overview of significant clusters in random-effects analysis (familywise-error corrected, p < 0.05)

SiteMNI coordinatesZExtent (mm3)
Spectral variation
    Right middle lateral STG (BA 22)56−1846.092432
    Left middle STG/STS (BA 22)−60−8−45.981664
Temporal variation
    Left middle STS (BA 21)−56−12−45.61312
    Right middle STG/STS (BA 22)54−12−45.41232
Monaural stimulation (right ear, control)
    Left posterior STG (BA 42)−58−34105.5376
Correlation with comprehension rating
    Right transverse temporal gyrus (BA 42)62−1284.993632
    Left MTG−50−36−64.75776
    Left IFG (BA 9)−484−224.57520
    Left STG (BA 22)−62−1604.571688
  • Specifications refer to peak voxels. IFG, Inferior frontal gyrus; MTG, middle temporal gyrus.