Table 3.

Functional activations of the female and the male subjects

BACoordinates Z valueNo. voxels
Female subjects, menstrual phase a
    Left superior frontal gyrus6−47554.05123
    Left inferior frontal gyrus47−3627−13.8584
Female subjects, follicular phase a
    Left inferior frontal gyrus47−3627−53.3136
Male subjects, experimental session 1 a
    Left inferior frontal gyrus47−322724.03112
    Left cingulate gyrus32−422434.5086
    Right superior parietal lobule728−68443.5796
Male subjects, experimental session 2 a
    Left medial frontal gyrus8022433.9857
    Left middle frontal gyrus9−4413253.90179
    Right inferior frontal gyrus94413214.0660
    Right angular gyrus3932−61333.6363
  • Activation peaks with their localization, significance level and the size of the respective activation cluster (number of voxels). Coordinates are listed in Talairach and Tournoux (1988) atlas space. BA is the Brodmann area nearest to the coordinate and should be considered approximate.

  • aWord-matching > baseline (p < 0.01, corrected).