Table 4.

Results of the PPI analysis of the female and the male subjects

BACoordinates Z valueNo. voxels
Females, menstrual phase a
    Right middle frontal gyrus114044−82.88121
Females, menstrual phase > follicular phase b
    Right inferior frontal gyrus474434−193.5443
Males, experimental session 1 a
    Left middle frontal gyrus10−284392.6439
    Left paracentral lobule5−20−44462.8696
    Left insula13−40−22232.6338
    Right insula1344−18233.1158
    Right precuneus716−40462.8236
    Right lingual gyrus1932−62−42.7026
Males, experimental session 2 a
    Left superior frontal gyrus9056303.554
    Left posterior cingulate29−8−46104.332436
    Left inferior parietal lobule40−59−37−463.4652
    Left paracentral lobule40−36643.74347
    Left middle occipital gyrus19−40−81153.3645
    Right superior temporal gyrus384811−113.6480
    Right middle frontal gyrus465132243.2335
Interaction between sex and measurement c
    Right angular gyrus3940−76303.0718
    Right inferior frontal gyrus475515−42.7712
    Left cuneus19−16−88272.7616
    Right superior temporal gyrus2244−24−62.7410
    Left parahippocampal gyrus36−20−25−262.6928
    Right cuneus3116−73182.6221
    Left lingual gyrus18−20−7402.5413
  • Activation peaks with their localization, significance level, and the size of the respective activation cluster (number of voxels). Coordinates are listed in Talairach and Tournoux (1988) atlas space. BA is the Brodmann area nearest to the coordinate and should be considered approximate.

  • a p < 0.05, corrected.

  • b p < 0.01, corrected.

  • c p < 0.01, minimal cluster size 10 voxels.