Table 1.

Peak locations showing significant hemodynamic differences in the direct comparison between P and P+ items (p < 0.001, uncorrected for multiple comparisons, extent threshold 10 voxels) during the final recall test (see also Fig. 3)

Anatomical labelxyzBAtSize
P > P+
    L inferior frontal G.−482620454.7349
    L inferior frontal G.−3830−12474.1214
P+ > P
    B precuneus2−543676.16176
    R inferior parietal lobule40−4844405.24167
    L precuneus−10−644875.0942
    L cerebellum−8−46−20NA5.0620
    R precuneus/superior parietal lobe10−743275.06105
    L medial frontal G.−632−12114.70155
    L postcentral G.−60−14243/44.6223
    L supramarginal/angular G.−52−542839/404.5120
    L basal ganglia (putamen)−26044.4929
    R superior temporal G.64−220224.3815
    L precentral G.−54−164444.1212
    R anterior cingulate526−8324.1112
  • BA, Approximate Brodmann Area; L, left hemisphere; R, right hemisphere; B, bilateral; size, number of voxels in a cluster.