Table 2.

Final cued recall: peak locations showing a significant (p < 0.001, uncorrected) positive correlation with retrieval-induced forgetting and retrieval-induced enhancement (see also Fig. 5)

Anatomical labelxyzBAtSize
Correlation with forgetting
    L superior/middle temporal G.−50−5812225.8151
    L inferior frontal G.−4226−4474.79129
    L thalamus (ventral posterior lateral nucleus)−22−208NA4.6226
    R inferior frontal G.4832−8474.540
Correlation with enhancement
    R precuneus22−723675.6623
    R inferior parietal lobule62−3640405.346
    R posterior cingulate G.164828314.515
    R precuneus12563674.0712
  • BA, Approximate Brodmann area; L, left hemisphere; R, right hemisphere; size, number of voxels in a cluster.