Table 1.

Frequency table of the verbal descriptions for the olfactory stimuli (n = 16)

FloralSweaty/humanOtherNo smellTotal
Sexual sweat319316
Neutral sweat319316
  • Subjects' verbal descriptions of the olfactory stimuli were classified into four categories: floral, sweaty/human, other, and no smell. A description was classified as ″floral″ if it was related to flowers (e.g. rose, lilac, fragrant), as ″sweaty/human″ if it was related to sweat or human body, as ″no smell″ if the subject did not report to detect a smell, and as ″other″ if it did not fit in the above three categories (e.g. chemical, bitter, rubber). Most subjects did not think they smelled sweat or anything human related and did not verbally distinguish sexual sweat from neutral sweat.