Table 1.

Summary of phenotypic effects of various Omi mutants reported in this study and by others

Genotype [fly (human)]Molecular function from literatureTissue-specific overexpressionMuscleAbility to rescue omi mutant sterility
Protease activity from literatureTestesEye
Omi WTSterileSmall and roughDisruptedRescue
S236C (S276C)mnd2 miceReducedFertileWild type appearingWild type appearing
S266A (S306A)Protease active siteProtease deadFertileWild type appearingWild type appearingFail to rescue
G363S (G399S)PD-associated mutationReducedSterileSmall and roughDisruptedRescue
S364A (S400A)pinkl-dependent phosphorylation siteReducedSterileSmall and roughDisrupted