Table 1.

Activity related to temporal–spatial perceptual prediction

Anatomical labelMNI coordinates
Cerebral cortex
    dl PFC (MFG)R4539363.04
    Area 44R5718122.95
    Lobule VII
    Lobule VIII aR33−69−573.16*
  • R, Right; L, left. Regions with enhanced activity in the temporal–spatial prediction task compared with the spatial prediction task. Z values refer to the contrast temporal–spatial > spatial; the contrast was thresholded at p < 0.05 uncorrected, masked to include only areas with significant activity in at least one of the tasks compared with baseline at a corrected threshold (equivalent FDR < 0.05) and to exclude relative contrasts arising from a deactivation in the spatial task (spatial − baseline > zero). *Activations were specific to the temporal–spatial prediction task (no activity in the spatial task, even at p < 0.05 uncorrected compared with baseline).