Table 2.

Significant between-group longitudinal brain deformation differences

Brain areaNumber of voxels in clusterRFT cluster p valueBrodmann area
Relative voxel size increases
    Corpus callosum47440.0000
    Left middle frontal gyrus31450.00016
    Left superior frontal gyrus21770.00118
    Right middle frontal gyrus21520.001210
    Left pericingulate20940.001431
    Right superior frontal gyrus15750.005710
    Left superior frontal gyrus13940.00979
    Right primary motor (precentral gyrus)12500.0152, *0.00146
    Bilateral medial frontal gyrus12170.017010
    Right middle frontal gyrus9400.043411
    Right primary auditory (Heschl's gyrus)2930.5458, *0.071741
Relative voxel size decreases
    Left middle occipital gyrus10950.002437
  • All results are significant with whole-brain random field theory (RFT) cluster thresholding at p < 0.05, with the exception of results with *, which are significant at an a priori cluster threshold of p < 0.1 for strongly predicted regions.