Table 1.

Unstandardized and standardized betas, t test, variance explained, and F values for the regression models predicting FA values in the left and right frontal and temporal regions of the uncinate fasciculus and left and right posterior forceps

Unstandardized coefficientsStandardized coefficients
Left frontal uncinate fasciculus0.397.05***
    Age × genotype−4.9213.82−0.05−0.36
Right frontal uncinate fasciculus0.212.87*
    Age × genotype14.6115.500.160.94
Left temporal uncinate fasciculus0.010.20
    Age × genotype−0.6816.30−0.01−0.04
Right temporal uncinate fasciculus0.040.50
    Age × genotype11.4014.100.150.81
Left posterior forceps0.040.42
    Age × genotype−5.4522.58−0.04−0.24
Right posterior forceps0.040.47
    Age × genotype−21.7126.95−0.15−0.81
  • *p < 0.05; ***p < 0.001.