Table 1.

A brief summary of Creb and/or Crem knock-out mice

Knock-outCREB/ATF family expressed in brainConditional expressionViabilityMajor phenotypes in the nervous systemReferences
Creb1αΔCREBβ, CREMViable to adulthoodNo gross abnormality of development; deficient long-term memoryHummler et al., 1994
Bourtchuladze et al., 1994
Blendy et al., 1996b
Creb1−/−CREMPerinatal deathEnlarged ventricles; reduced commissuresRudolph et al., 1998
Crem−/−CREBViable to adulthoodCircadian rhythm abnormalities; lower anxiety levelsNantel et al., 1996
Blendy et al., 1996a
Maldonado et al., 1999
CrebNescre Crem−/−Developmental (E16.5 and onward) in neuronal and glial progenitorsPerinatal deathProgressive neurodegeneration in all areas of the brainMantamadiotis et al., 2002 Aguado et al., 2009
CrebCamkcre4 Crem−/−Postnatal in forebrain regionsViable to adulthoodProgressive neurodegeneration in hippocampus and striatumMantamadiotis et al., 2002