Table 1.

Summary of the genetic alterations in the rat Cav3.2 T-type calcium channel gene

Mutation 1Mutation 2Mutation 3Mutation 4
Base pair number4751262054396580
Affected residue number158487318132194
R. norvegicusGACT
Codon changeCGG → CCGaGCA → GCGbTTC → TTTbTCA → GCAb
Amino acid changeArg → ProAla → AlaPhe → PheSer → Ala
Type of mutationNonsynonymousSynonymousSynonymousNonsynonymous
Structural locationLinker III–IVIIS3–IIS4IVS5COOH
Conservation between speciesConserved regionConserved regionConserved regionNonconserved
  • In addition to the gcm mutation, three more mutations were detected in the Wistar (NEC and GAERS) strains compared with R. norvegicus. Two of these mutations are silent and do not cause amino acid changes, whereas the third causes a TCA (serine) to CCA (alanine) change. However, none of these three mutations differed between the NEC and GAERS.

  • aCodon and amino acid change between NEC and GAERS.

  • bCodon and amino acid change between Wistar rats versus R. norvegicus.