Table 1.

Stereotaxic locations of peak voxels in beat − no beat SPM contrast in experiments 1 and 2

Brain regionExperiment 1Experiment 2
t scorexyzt scorexyz
L anterior putamen4.87−26262.84−2268
R anterior putamen5.0126883.292680
L posterior putamen5.2−32−1803.1−30−14−2
R posterior putamen4.6330−1682.5130−124
L caudate nucleus4.29−820−8
L ventral striatum4.17−1812−12
R middle orbital gyrus3.9028−12
L inferior temporal gyrus3.87−50−24−20
L paracentral lobule3.8−18−2666
  • This table shows the brain region, t values, and stereotaxic coordinates (in millimeters) of peak voxels for experiment 1 (p < 0.05 whole-brain FDR corrected) and experiment 2 (p < 0.05 SVC using mask generated from experiment 1 beat − no beat contrast, thresholded at p < 0.05 FDR) in MNI space. L, Left; R, right.