Table 2.

Local maxima (peak activation within a cluster) from the multisyllabic task for the higher-level statistical contrast of gender identification > syllable order

LobeRegionZ scorexyzBA
    LeftSuperior frontal gyrus3.55−1242428
    LeftSuperior frontal gyrus3.63−2848329
    LeftSuperior frontal gyrus3.64−1830508
    LeftSuperior frontal gyrus4.14−640528
    RightPrecentral gyrus3.5146−12626
    RightPrecentral gyrus3.5640−14666
    RightSuperior frontal gyrus3.601650309
    RightSuperior frontal gyrus3.65852329
    RightInferior occipital gyrus3.5734−92−1018
    RightInferior occipital gyrus3.6336−92−618
    RightInferior occipital gyrus3.6932−92−618
    RightInferior occipital gyrus3.7244−80−1018
    RightInferior temporal gyrus3.8154−66037
    RightPostcentral gyrus3.6348−18623
  • Data include anatomical locations, Z score values, Talairach coordinates (x, y, z), and BAs.