Table 3.

Local maxima (peak activation within a cluster) for the higher-level statistical contrast of multisyllabic syllable order > monosyllabic syllable indentification

LobeRegionZ scorexyzBA
    LeftInferior frontal gyrus5.02−4862044
    LeftPrecentral gyrus5.00−38−4326
    RightPrecentral gyrus5.34326306
    LeftInferior parietal lobule4.49−56−444640
    LeftSupramarginal gyrus4.41−64−503240
    LeftInferior parietal lobule4.38−50−464040
    LeftSupramarginal gyrus4.31−50−403440
    LeftSupramarginal gyrus4.29−62−463040
    LeftInferior parietal lobule4.23−52−424240
  • No regions showed greater activity during the opposite contrast. Data include anatomical locations, Z score values, Talairach coordinates (x, y, z), and BAs.