Table 1.

Brain regions in which activity related to the age of the memory

Brain regionDirection of effectB.A.Talairach coordinatesVol. (mm3)Effect size (η2)
Medial temporal lobe (p < 0.05 corrected, minimum cluster size = 375 mm3)
    Right temporopolar Ctx./amygdala/insula/Inf. frontal G.REC > REM30.48.4−980310.278
    Left hippocampus/amygdalaREC > REM−33.15.8−5.723750.267
    Left hippocampusREC > REM−24.7−41.63.24840.273
Whole brain (p < 0.05 corrected; minimum cluster size = 1766 mm3)
    Left Inf. frontal G./temporopolar Ctx./insula/Sup. temporal G.REC > REM47, 22−47.812.1−5.251560.284
    Bilateral rectal G./Inf. frontal G./subcallosal G.REC > REM115.630.1−21.643590.284
    Left Inf. frontal G.REC > REM45−56.412.72133910.334
    Right Mid. frontal G.REC > REM31.645.44.318750.297
    Bilateral Med. frontal G./Sup. frontal G.REC > REM9, 8−
    Right insulaREC > REM32.10.717.818120.290
    Right insula/temporopolar Ctx./subcallosal G./amygdala/hippocampusREC > REM30.17.1−10.854690.284
    Right Inf. parietal lobuleREC > REM4042.4−44.345.323280.292
    Bilateral brainstem/cerebellumREC > REM3.6−42−25.811,2970.297
Whole brain (p < 0.05 uncorrected; minimum cluster size = 313 mm3)
    Right Sup. frontal G.*REM > REC1027.250.528.53130.288
    Right Med. frontal G.*REM > REC616.028.534.57970.304
    Left Mid. frontal G.REM > REC9−25.422.525.46720.275
    Left Mid. frontal G.REM > REC8−23.614.036.43750.296
    Right Med. frontal G.REM > REC613.7−6.456.04070.284
    Right Sup. Temporal G.REM > REC3940.0−51.818.84690.268
    Left Mid. Temporal G.*REM > REC−34.0−63.219.55320.285
    Right precuneus/cuneus*REM > REC1926.2−83.736.110160.265
  • Inf., Inferior; Mid., middle; Sup., superior; Med., medial; Ctx., cortex; G., gyrus; B.A., Brodmann area; Vol., volume; REC, recent memories; REM, remote memories; LR, left/right; PA, posterior/anterior; IS, inferior/superior. Talairach coordinates indicate the center of mass of each cluster. Asterisks, also illustrated in Figure 5.