Table 2.

Parameter estimates derived from the pooled dataset

Group (N)Guilt (β)Envy (α)Expected guilt E(β)Expected envy E(α)Group λ parameters
VMPFC (6)27 (22)8.5 (12)98 (56)472 (220)0.23, 0.12
BDC (17)750.06 (132)00.21(5)2700.29 (32)6800.26 (170)0.09, 0.13
NC (16)2020.01 (107)00.44 (8)1600.38 (32)4660.37 (165)0.15, 0.12
  • Median estimated parameters for guilt, envy, expected guilt, and expected envy, as well as two unique λ values estimated for each group as a whole (guilt and envy analyses, respectively). Superscripts are one-tailed t test p values between the VMPFC and the row groups, and numbers in parentheses are standard errors; note that in both cases, these are based on the means rather than the reported medians. See supplemental Table 2 (available at as supplemental material) for precision estimates for the guilt estimation procedure.