Table 1.

fMRI results: comparisons of the corresponding manipulation and monitoring conditions for the task phase

Brain areasStereotaxic coordinatest value
Manipulation 3 words minus monitoring 3 words
    L IPS (area 40/7)−38−54352.097
    R IPS (area 40/7)41−51592.521
Manipulation 4 words minus monitoring 4 words
    L IPS (area 40/7)−40−52543.973*
    L IPS (area 40/7)−29−54392.789
    R IPS (area 40/7)38−48535.419*
Manipulation 5 words minus monitoring 5 words
    L IPS (area 40/7)−40−52484.109*
    R IPS (area 40/7)41−50575.073*
    R IPS (area 40/7)40−46423.704*
Monitoring 3 words minus manipulation 3 words
    L MDLFC (area 9/46)−4324273.787*
    L MDLFC (area 46)−4038203.147*
    R MDLFC (area 46)275062.918*
    R MDLFC (area 9/46)3832373.239*
Monitoring 4 words minus manipulation 4 words
    L MDLFC (area 46)−285073.904*
    L MDLFC (area 46)−2738192.745
    R MDLFC (area 9/46)4334453.249*
Monitoring 5 words minus manipulation 5 words
    L MDLFC (area 46)−375063.643*
    L MDLFC (area 46)−2150293.470*
    R MDLFC (area 46)334843.859*
    R MDLFC (area 46)2742213.211*
  • Maxima of regions showing significant increases in the BOLD signal. *t values significant at p < 0.05 corrected for multiple comparisons. The stereotaxic coordinates are expressed in millimeters within the Montreal Neurological Institute stereotaxic proportional system. L, Left; R, right.