Table 1.

Included risk studies

No. of risk-related fociContextAnalysisDomain
DRARCorrContrGG + LO
Volz et al. (2004)5xxx
Volz et al. (2003)7xxx
Preuschoff et al. (2006)22xxx
Paulus et al. (2003)5xxx
Paulus et al. (2001)10xxx
Preuschoff et al. (2008)16xxx
Critchley et al. (2001)4xxx
Kuhnen and Knutson (2005)2xxx
Matthews et al. (2004)4xxx
Tobler et al. (2006)1xxx
Huettel et al. (2005)10xxx
Hsu et al. (2005)12xxx
Dreher et al. (2006)4xxx
Huettel (2006)15xxx
Grinband et al. (2006)8xxx
Behrens et al. (2007)1xxx
Rolls et al. (2008)1xxx
Yoshida and Ishii (2006)3xxx
Smith et al. (2009)2xxx
Weber and Huettel (2008)16xxx
Bach et al. (2009)2xxx
Blackwood et al. (2004)6xxx
Elliott et al. (1999)12xxx
Engelmann and Tamir (2009)32x (25)ax (7)axx
Labudda et al. (2008)6xxx
Lee et al. (2008)3xxx
van Leijenhorst et al. (2006)16xxx
Xue et al. (2009)3xxx
Christopoulos et al. (2009)2xxx
Mohr et al. (2010a)2xxx
Number of foci232172601311011019267
  • DR, Decision risk; AR, anticipation risk; Corr, correlation; Contr, contrast; G, gains; G + L, gains and losses; O, other.

  • aEngelmann and Tamir (2009) investigated risk in both contexts.