Table 1.

Significant BOLD signal changes during face matching compared to forms matching after placebo or vasopressin administration

Brain regionContrast directionPeak MNI coordinatesVoxels in clusterPeak t value
    Right amygdalaFaces > Forms18−6−24376.91
    Left amygdalaFaces > Forms−21−6−24144.16
    Supragenual cingulateForms > Faces636303355.27
    Including subgenual cingulateForms > Faces−639−94.37
    Left amygdalaFaces > Forms−18−6−24345.55
    Right amygdalaFaces > Forms21−6−24505.29
Vasopressin > Placebo
    Subgenual cingulateFaces > Forms339−9254.50
Placebo > Vasopressin
    No significant activations
  • Significance was measured at p < 0.05, FDR-corrected for multiple comparisons within the mPFC–amygdala region of interest.