Table 3.

JunD-immunoreactive neurons in the striatum after transgenic ΔFosB expression or chronic levodopa treatment

Intact striatumDenervated striatum
Viral vectors
    rAAV-ΔFosB165 ± 18834 ± 68*
    rAAV-GFP169 ± 15880 ± 74*
Chronic treatment
    Levodopa160 ± 16809 ± 42*
    Saline166 ± 26740 ± 100*
  • Number of neurons immunostained with a specific anti-JunD antibody in rats with unilateral 6-OHDA lesions that were infused with rAAV-ΔFosB or rAAV-GFP in the ipsilateral striatum 12 weeks earlier, or treated chronically with levodopa or saline twice daily for 4 weeks. The number of JunD-immunoreactive neurons is significantly increased in the denervated striatum of rAAV-ΔFosB-infused rats compared with the intact side. Similar changes are found in the control rAAV-GFP-infused group. However, no significant differences are seen between viral vector groups in either striatal side. JunD-immunoreactive neurons are also increased in the denervated striatum in both chronic treatment groups. No differences are found between levodopa- and saline-treated groups in either striatal side. Data are mean ± SEM.

  • *p < 0.001 versus the other side in the same group (two-way ANOVAs).