Table 2.

Extent of regeneration after ablation at different stages

Stage (hpf)reg3reg2reg1reg0Meann
22–2662421.9 ± 1.214
27–3207521.4 ± 0.714
33–3800640.6 ± 0.510
  • The stages were defined according to the position of the leading edge of the primordium on somites 3–10, 11–20, or 21–30, respectively (at this stage of embryonic development, the position of the PLL primordium is the best measure of developmental stage) (Kimmel et al., 1995). The number of cases showing extensive ganglion regeneration (reg3), substantial regeneration (reg2), limited regeneration (reg1), or no regeneration (reg0) 24 h after ablation are shown; see Materials and Methods for the criteria used. Means are based on the score (between 0 and 3) indicated for each ganglion.