Table 3.

Specificity of neuromast innervation

Injected neuromastnprimI derivedprimII derivedprimD derivedSpecificity (%)
  • n, Total number of successful labelings for each neuromast. The number of cases in which neurons innervating the injected neuromast also innervated the neuromast is indicated at the top of the column. Bold italic numbers indicate the numbers of cases in which innervation was restricted to the DiI-injected neuromast. NM, The percentage of cases in which only the injected neuromast was innervated; prim, the percentage of cases in which only neuromasts derived from the same primordium were innervated; no, the percentage of cases in which neuromasts derived from another primordium were also innervated. This category includes the cases in which the injected neuromast was coinnervated with other neuromasts from the same and from another primordium.