Table 3.

Increased susceptibility of BACE1-null mice to kainic acid-induced seizures

Response stage
No. of BACE1+/+ mice0011144
No. of BACE1−/− mice0000128
  • Kainic acid (15 mg/kg) was injected intraperitoneally in 4-month-old wild-type (n = 11) and BACE1-null mice (n = 11). Scoring of kainic acid-induced seizures is based on the following criteria: 0, no response; 1, freezing, staring, mouth or facial movements; 2, rigid posture, head nodding, or isolated twitches; 3, tail extension, unilateral-bilateral forelimb clonus, or repetitive scratching; 4, rearing with one or both forepaws extended; 5, clonic seizures with loss of posture, jumping, and falling; 6, severe tonic seizures.