Table 3.

Results of SVM classification between ASD and control group using different brain morphometric features in the left and right hemispheres

Morphometric featureCorrectly classified (%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)p
Left hemisphere
    All parameters8590800*
    Cortical thickness9090900*
    Radial curvature72.56580<0.001
    Average convexity707565<0.004
    Metric distortion8080800*
    Pial area77.570850*
Right hemisphere
    All parameters656070<0.03
    Cortical thickness606555<0.01
    Radial curvature52.55055<0.30
    Average convexity504060<0.40
    Metric distortion57.54570<0.06
    Pial area454545<0.60
  • Correctly identified ASD cases were considered true positive.

  • *p values of zero indicate that not a single one of the 1000 permutations provided a better classification.