Table 1.

Local maxima (voxels with the highest Z score) for different activation clusters revealed in the fMRI analysis and the lesion-recovery analysis

Anatomical brain locationZCoordinates in MNI spaceBANumber with damageNumber with activation change
Local maxima for the fMRI analysis
Posterior cluster (n = 1697)
Superior parietal lobule3.11−30−7048716
Inferior parietal lobule3.01−48−40484045
Anterior cluster (n = 954)
Middle frontal gyrus2.96−202836925
Pars opercularis2.92−3813314435
Precentral gyrus2.87−32436674
Local maximum for the lesion-recovery analysis (n = 697)
Posterior temporal lobe2.20−36−661637, 399
  • n, Number of voxels included in each cluster; Z, value for the voxel with the highest Z score in the listed cortical area. N with damage shows the number of patients with damage at the listed MNI coordinate; N with activation change shows the number of patients who had a greater activation change than Z = 1.0 at the given anatomical location (designated by the standard coordinate).