Table 2.

Conjunction of tachygastria and experienced disgust a

Side region (MNI)xyzZ scorekUncorrected pFDR p
L Posterior insula−30−16204.6745<0.001<0.003
L+R aMCC/pMCC00364.41106<0.001<0.003
L Precentral gyrus−38−10444.20217<0.001<0.003
L Anterior insula−362104.01204<0.001<0.003
R Anterior insula3010144.00221<0.001<0.003
L Insula/SII−50−643.92220<0.001<0.003
L Thalamus−12−1803.9014<0.001<0.003
L Frontal lobe−14−6603.6717<0.001<0.003
L Occipital lobe−16−80283.4516<0.001<0.004
L Frontal lobe−16−10703.3410<0.001<0.005
R Fusiform gyrus38−66−183.0420<0.001<0.008
R DM thalamus6−22162.9714<0.001<0.009
L Parietal lobe−36−48362.9637<0.002<0.009
R Thalamus16−1282.8610<0.002<0.011
  • a Conjunction performed by masking activations to tachygastria (threshold, p < 0.005) with activations to experienced disgust (threshold, p < 0.005). Regions of ≥10 contiguous voxels at FDR < 0.05 reported. aMCC, Anterior medial cingulate cortex; pMCC, posterior cingulate cortex; DM, dorsomedial.