Table 3.

Conjunction of experienced core disgust and tachygastria a

Side region (MNI)xyzZ scorekUncorrected pFDR p
L Dorsal midinsula−364124.5622<0.001<0.001
R Dorsal anterior insula3410103.7035<0.001<0.001
L aMCC−1224302.9610<0.002<0.003
  • a Conjunction performed by masking activations to tachygastria (threshold, p < 0.001) with activations to intensity of experienced core disgust (threshold, p < 0.005). No region significantly correlated with core disgust and normogastria/cardiac high frequency power/cardiac low frequency power or inversely with tachygastria. aMCC, Anterior medial cingulate cortex.