Table 1.

Default parameters

NameDefault value (if not specified)Description
n1Number of cells per oscillator network
P1Connectivity probability in oscillator networks
σ0Standard deviation of voltage noise term
g0.1, 256Vi internal gap junction or synaptic conductance, respectively
τ4.5 msTime constant of cell G
wi0.04Synaptic weight from neurons in Vi onto G
tgate0.04 sDuration of baseline gating effect on G
cres−0.01 1/sDecay rate in resonate-and-fire model
ωres7 HzResonant frequency in resonate-and-fire model
θ3Abstract grid cell model threshold
ωb7 HzBaseline oscillator frequency
β2 Hz/(m/s)Term giving grid field spacing by relating velocities to oscillator frequencies
C100Capacitance-like term in simple model
vr−60Resting potential in simple model
vt−40Spiking threshold in simple model
vpeak35Action potential peak in simple model
a0.03Recovery variable rate in simple model
b2v–u coupling in simple model
c−50Post-spike membrane potential in simple model
d100Recovery variable increment during an action potential in simple model
k0.7Voltage variable rate in simple model
τGABA15 msInhibitory synapse exponential decay time constant
nVCO0Number of active oscillators in network simulation (not counting baseline)
Cm5 μF/cm2Membrane capacitance in biophysical model
gNa52 mS/cm2Sodium current conductance
gNaP0.5 mS/cm2Persistent sodium current conductance
gK11 mS/cm2Potassium current conductance
gH1.5 mS/cm2H current conductance
gL0.5 mS/cm2Leak current conductance
ENa55 mVSodium ion reversal potential
EK−90 mVPotassium ion reversal potential
EH−20 mVH current net reversal potential
EL−65 mVLeakage reversal potential
θspike20 mVThreshold for biophysical model spike detection