Table 3.

Acute ERK1/2 inhibition eliminates AGS in the Fmr1 KO

IncidenceWild runningClonicTonicDeath
KO vehicle73%8/114/113/112/11
KO SL 3270%*0/110/110/110/11
WT vehicle0%*0/100/100/100/10
WT SL 3270%*0/100/100/100/10
  • Fmr1 KO and WT mice were injected with 100 mg/kg SL 327 or vehicle (50% DMSO). After 1 h, mice were exposed to a seizure-inducing stimulus for 2 min, and scored for four stages of AGS: wild running (pronounced, undirected running and thrashing), clonic seizure (violent spasms accompanied by loss of balance), tonic seizure (postural rigidity in limbs), and death. Results reveal that treatment with SL 327 eliminates AGS in Fmr1 KO mice (Fisher's exact test; KO control versus WT control, *p < 0.03; KO control versus KO SL 327, *p < 0.02; KO control versus WT SL 327, *p < 0.03).