Table 4.

Coordinates of the regions associated with impaired performance in the VLSM analysis, in MNI space

RegionHemispherexyzBM Z maximumn voxels
Gyrus rectusLeft−621−242.851342
Gyrus rectusRight723−242.33168
Superior frontal gyrus, orbital partLeft−1415−182.85509
Inferior frontal gyrus, orbital partRight3937−152.01408
Inferior frontal gyrus, orbital part, white matterLeft−203412.3360
Supplementary motor areaRight96612.44147
Supplementary motor areaRight415702.4453
  • Region labels are taken from the automated anatomical labeling template (Tzourio-Mazoyer et al., 2002). The MNI coordinates indicate the center of mass for each significant cluster. The maximum BM Z statistics obtained for each cluster are also shown. Z scores greater than 2.3 are significant at p < 0.01 (BM test, uncorrected) and greater than 1.6 at p < 0.05 (uncorrected).