Table 2.

Regions in which BOLD signal showed significantly greater modulation by reward magnitude in the Imagine versus Estimate task

RegionSideBAMNI (peak)Cluster sizeZ
Medial rostral PFCr101557151874.37*
b905727Same cluster
r153333Same cluster
Lateral rostral PFCl10−185124213.55
l9−245733Same cluster
l−153327Same cluster
l−63027Same cluster
Medial PFCr690541024.58
Cingulate gyrusr2412−951Same cluster
l−9−360Same cluster
Medial frontal cortexr612−1563143.74
r21−1263Same cluster
Pre- and postcentral gyrusr433−2163353.61
r342−2763Same cluster
r439−1560Same cluster
Superior temporal cortexl22−51−6015213.64
l6−57−6612Same cluster
  • Thresholded at p < 0.001, uncorrected, with a minimum cluster size of 10 contiguous voxels. Brodmann areas (BA) are approximate. b, Bilateral; l, left; r, right; ACC, anterior cingulate cortex.

  • *Surviving small-volume correction at the cluster level.