Table 1.

Online resources cataloguing available cell type-specific reporter and driver mouse lines

Resource URLAvailable lines
http://transgenicmouse.alleninstitute.orgBAC Cre lines and reporters. ISH/IHC atlas available for expression patterns.
http://www.bactrap.orgResources for TRAP. Site in preparation.
http://www.credrivermice.orgKnock-in Cre, enhancer trap Cre, enhancer trap Tet and various XFP transgenic lines. Expression pattern viewable in atlas images.
http://www.gensat.orgBAC GFP transgenics and BAC Cre lines. Expression atlas available. lines repository. lines repository. Lab Cre driver lines database. Expression pattern annotated by anatomical structure/cell types.
  • BAC, Bacterial artificial chromosome; ISH, in situ hybridization; IHC, immunohistochemistry.