Table 1.

Demographic characteristics, clinical migraine features, and behavioral pain ratings of healthy controls and migraineurs (interictal, preictal, and ictal)

Interictal migraineursPreictal migraineursIctal migraineursHealthy controls
    Age range (years)20–3920–4520–4618–37
Clinical characteristics
    With/without aura7/132/81/9
    Disease duration (years)12.7 (±8.1)10.1 (±4.2)12.2 (±5.1)
    Attacks per month3 (1–6)4 (2–6)4 (1–6)
Location of the pain
    Right-sided predominantly242
    Left-sided predominantly423
    Changing sides1448
    Last attack (days)4–21>3
    Next attacks (days)4–151–33/6
    Attack severity* (average and range)8 (7–10)
Behavioral data
    Averaged pain ratings6.7 (±2.3)6.2 (±3.4)6.5 (±2.3)6.5 (±2.4)
  • Mean values of the disease duration are presented with SD; mean values of pain ratings are presented with the SEM.

  • *Attack severity was recorded on a numerical rating scale ranging from 0 (no pain) to 10 (highest imaginable pain).